We are your perfect partner for developing smartphone apps for the both dominating platforms iOS and Android. No matter if you want to use your application to embrace end users or to improve internal business processes, we will help you to get the optimal result out of your app. Our services in the area of app development can be summarized as follows:
  • programming of your app for iOS and Android
  • upload of your app to the Apple App Store respectively the Google Play Store
  • creation and maintenance of your App Store page for the best possible presentation to potential users
  • monitoring of app performance and number of downloads
  • marketing activities to increase the popularity of your app
There are fundamentally two different ways for programming your smartphone app that are described in the following.

Native apps for iOS and Android

Native apps are programmed specialized for each target platform. That means that your app will be created separated from each other for iOS and Android. Because of this the characteristics and features of each platform can be considered and the final app will achieve the best possible result in design und usability. We develop for iOS in the Apple development environment Xcode and with the latest Apple programming language Swift 3. For Android we use the native development environment Android Studio and the programming language Java.

Hybrid apps

An alternative to the native apps are the so-called hybrid apps. They use the known web technoligies HTML, CSS and JavaScript for programming the app. The so created code will then be loaded und executed within a web container inside the app. The application itself is published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store like the native ones. The big advantage is that the development is only done once which results in saving time and costs. The disadvantage is that hybrid apps do not reach the performance and usability of the native ones.
image with the Apple logo

iOS apps

  • usage of latest Apple programming language Swift 3
  • development environment: Xcode
  • publication in Apple App Store
image with the Android logo

Android Apps

  • programming language: Java
  • development environment: Android Studio
  • publication in Google Play Store
image with the logos of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Hybrid Apps

  • usage of web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • project-depending use of JS-Frameworks (Angular, React)
  • publication in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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